Find Out a Easy Way to Test your Firewall Software

At present, the Windows 10 operating system comes with a capable and dependable Windows Firewall software by default. It is providing a compelling service to block the hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer which always enters your computer through a network or Internet connection.

However, it is beneficial for the user that they are getting the built-in firewall on their Windows. But, some of the users are using the third-party free Firewall software on their devices. But, if you have any doubt with your firewall software and you want to know that your software is working properly or not then, you can know this in this article. We are giving three free online Firewall Test services to conduct probative protocol tests on them and to show that they are working properly.

Free Online Firewall Test:-

A firewall is a fundamental requirement to protect your windows or operating system from malware and spyware. As we know, online viruses are increasing day by day, so it is important for everybody that they use a secure firewall software on their system. To block all of these dangers the firewall has works like a guard.

You have to check the strength and functioning of a firewall system by trying to breach its security. You can do the ShieldsUP! Tests for your firewall vulnerabilities.

When you run a ShieldsUP! Permission to check firewall software performance on your computer, if you get a green signal indicating, it means your firewall has no problem, and it works accurately. Your firewall program has reached a perfect “TruStealth” rating.

There are five different categories to your firewall via Shields Up! Which is the given below:-

  • All service ports
  • Messenger spam
  • File sharing
  • Browser headers.
  • Common ports

After completing your firewall test, you will get the solution alongside the results which will guide you to improve your system security.


It is a website where you can share your reports and information about Internet threats. It will collect and analyze users’ firewall activity to sense any suspicious activity, identify intrusion attempts, track complex attack patterns, and disclose the sources and targets of Internet threats. This website mainly uses only two specific method.

  • Port Scan
  • Simple Probe

You can select anyone as per your convenience by click on the ‘Hit me’ button. After that, you will be able to get the results.

Please note- All generated results or reports will be represented as graphical snapshots containing critical port incidents graphs, worldwide port activity statistics, and target and source maps showing unwanted traffic and potential threats to Internet security.

Please wait, this test will take few minutes to show the results. 

Also note- If you are using a proxy server or NAT connection to the internet then you will not be able to see the test result because the proxy will be tested itself, and the results will not apply to your computer.

Audit My PC:-

The service is more active and efficient for testing some of the remote desktop services such as- FTP servers and other services running on non-standard ports. This service commonly checks a system to use ports and tests the ones widely used by Viruses and Trojans. This test is created by Audit My PC, and it is extremely fast and perfect to maintains accuracy. The most benefit of the scan is that you no need to install or download anything for this online firewall test. To run this service, you need to pick a port, or range of ports, to probe.

Suggestion- If you don’t want to see any incorrect results, then you need to disable the auto-blocking feature, or you will likely get false results temporarily.

If you are a local network connection on your windows, then the firewall test may be shown on other devices instead of your computer. For example, suppose you are working for some organization and using their network connection to audit the computer system; this test will audit the company firewall instead of your PC’s firewall.

Before starting the test, the official website of the audit will remind you that they will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the use of its firewall test, and you will get a confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions of the service before using it.

Finally, if you are satisfied that your Firewall software is working by using below given free online Firewall tests.

To get more information about it, visit on or

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