How to Update your Norton Product to the Latest Version?

Norton antivirus software is a program that protects your computer system and starts stopping viruses, spyware, malware infection, worms by entering and caused harm to your computer. This antivirus constantly scans your computer, when you are surfing the internet, download any files, and opened an Email account. In simple terms, while surfing online or on the internet, your computer continuously scanning the files and protect your computer from viruses.

Switching or installing a new version of Norton Antivirus security to a new computer or update the antivirus with the latest version on to your office or home computers involves transferring your Norton antivirus to new or latest version of your application. The process of transfer your subscription account to the new or different computer is via Norton account and includes the Wizards that continue till the installation process. Transferring the Norton product doesn’t require any other purchase of products and not any other requirement related to repurchasing any of the Norton product.

Here I describe all the procedures for updating your Norton product or subscription of Norton product in the latest version. Follow these steps in the ascending order. So, that you can easily update the products to the latest version. This procedure is easy to acknowledge and it’s very less time consuming and fewer efforts taking. The steps are given below:

Methods to Upgrade Norton Product

Method-1  Update your Norton Product from your Norton Account

To update your Norton account you can easily update your product to the latest version. By following these simple steps:

  • By clicking on the “Norton Account”.
  • First, you have to Sign in to your account, by entering your “Username and Password”.
  • After “Signing in” to your account, click on the “Device Page”.
  • Under the “Device Name” button.
  • Click on the “Update” button which you want to upgrade to the latest
  • If the Updated button is not appearing that means the latest version is already updated.
  • After completing the procedure, click on the “Restart” button on your computer.
  • After “Restarting” the windows it will automatically update to a new version.

This process really helps you in updating your Norton product to the latest version. But still, you are unable to update then there is the second method by which you can surely update your product.

Method-2  Update Norton Security from Norton Update Center

When your computer is not updated with the first method, then try this second method your computer surely get updated in fewer efforts and less time. Follow the procedure systematically:

  • Click on the “Norton Account button” and “Log in” here
  • Click on the “Norton Update center”.
  • Click on the “Update’ button.
  • If the downloading does not start in few seconds, then download the updates of Norton Products manually.
  • After clicking on the “Downloaded File” button, Security Warning message is pop up on your computer screen.
  • Click on the “Run” button
  • Follow the onscreen instruction carefully,
  • your computer system is updated to the latest version of Norton product.

After using both procedures, surely your Norton product is updated. We are providing you the best way to update your computer with the latest version of Norton products. But if any issue arises due to any reason the last option is to connect with the Norton customer care support. They can help you anytime. Norton experts team and technicians are always available to help you. Norton customer care support provides you instant help related to any Norton product. Dial toll-free number of Norton Customer support for instant queries.

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