Importance of Online Privacy?

Digital devices have become the need of modern lifestyle and keeping in mind their need and importance, it has become necessary to connect them online. But as you know that every coin has two sides so, with merits, it has few demerits as well. Because of the same reason, people need to entail for making sure that their online connected device are safe and secure. With little thought and Norton Security Suite, you can ensure about the security of your device.

To analyse the performance of the Norton Security suite, you can try its free version which is easy to install. And to keep up with the emerging threats, one can go for the Norton Premium Security because it has required resources that offer multi-layer defense not only for just one device, but multiple devices. It just takes few minutes and clicks to install premium security on your device and if in case you fall for any trouble, there Norton support technicians for your help.

Norton is a security suite that helps in overall protection of your devices, because its developers understand that data has high value on the Internet so, it can be collected, analysed, stolen, and sold. Privacy has multiple facets including what you are, what you do online, what is your personal and financial identifiable information is, and much more such as what websites you visit, what you buy online, what online search you perform, and what you read.

In present scenario, most of the companies collect the information whenever you visit a website or use a social media platform, or download an app. Online snoopers keep an eye on what you purchases, how you arrange vacations, how you interact with friends and relatives, what is your medical condition,or anything that is just can be imagined. Your online habits create and gives a huge paper trail of data about your habits, interest, and confidential information. However, every company doesn’t track what you do on web, sometimes they just do so to customize their webpage ad services as per users’ interest.

On the flip side, there are companies which are collecting the complete data of many individuals as well as companies to fetch a handsome amount. There are proper companies which may also called “data brokers” that collect data on millions of people, which they analyse and maintain it to package and sell it without the user’s consent or permission. Data brokers do so for various beneficial reasons such as targeted advertising, direct marketing, and credit risk assessment. Because of the same reason and the reason that we have so many things to hide, online privacy is very important.

The things that need to be guarded includes the information like your medical records or your bank account number and how much money you make. There is nothing bad in hiding things and not let the entire world to see because it is for your own safety. There are few confidential things that need not to be broadcasted on every social network. It is very important that one must strive to protect one’s right to privacy otherwise there is no meaning and importance of the terms like privacy. Privacy is completely personal thing because it is about you, your habits, patterns, actins, and information so, it should be protect in any way possible.

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