How Does Norton Antivirus Software Work?

Norton antivirus is more than just an antivirus. It is a complete security package which protects the system from malware, spyware, keylogger attempts, phishing, worms, etc. If a hacker wishes to access your computer then there are several options available. The hacker can either enter your system by using malware to infect your system. Or the hacker can make use of the security holes and patches in the software and use it to penetrate your system. Or else, hackers can send emails or links which look innocent but they install spyware in the system when they are downloaded. Norton Antivirus is an updated software which has a layered approach to protect the computer against all the potential threats. To find more about Norton antivirus and how it works, read on.

Features and pros of Norton antivirus

  • One stop security solution for protection of your devices.
  • Complete protection against viruses, malware, spyware, worms, Trojan Horses, etc.
  • Ensuring your privacy irrespective of which device you use.
  • Warning against spoof websites and harmful downloads.
  • Allows the user to switch the protection from one device to another.
  • Allows the user to protect more than one device and to add more devices.
  • Easily finds the location of lost and stolen phones and tabs.
  • Has a child mode which allows the children to browse the web safely.
  • Virus protection promise gives a cent percent guarantee to keep your system virus-free.

Methods used by Norton Antivirus software to keep the system secure

Virus Definitions

Norton antivirus has an extensive virus database. When the scan is conducted in the system, the files and data from memory, hard drive, boot sectors, and removable storage devices are scanned and compared with the virus definition database. The database is composed of unique patters and binary code definitions which are distinct to every virus identified by Norton software. If during the scan of the computer system, Norton antivirus discovers a code which matches one in the virus database, it will send the virus to quarantine and flag it for removal. The virus definitions method keeps the computer system safe from known viruses and malwares.

Suspicious Behavior

Detection for suspicious behavior is independent of virus definitions. The method to detect suspicious behavior involves scanning the programs in the computer to actively monitor and locate any suspicious behavior. Even though the suspicious behavior detection method keeps the computer safe from new and unknown malware, at times it may also lead to false positives.

Emulate code

Emulation of the code is a method to detect threats. This method lets Norton copy the initial part of the code for a new program which the user is trying to execute on the computer system. If any self-modifying code which looks for executable programs is identified then the executable program will now be permitted to run.


The Sandbox prevents the computer from becoming infected by running executable files in an emulated OS. After running the program, Sandbox analyzes the file and looks for any alterations which may be indicative of a virus.

Norton antivirus is a must have on your computer, laptop, and mobile devices. The Norton antivirus support is available 24/7 to provide instant solutions to the entire Norton related problems. To know about download, installation, and activation of Norton software, kindly visit this website.

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