How to Fix Norton Antivirus Blocking System Restore Error in Windows 10?

As we already know Windows 10 are releases officially earlier. If you are concerned about how to fix the Norton Antivirus Blocking system error in Microsoft Windows 10? so you need not worry about it all. Mostly all of the antivirus companies released the updates in the market. Some of the companies already released some new updates with windows 10.

Norton antivirus is available for the different versions of Microsoft Windows with multiple of features across the platforms. If you are planning to upgrade your system with antivirus, then the Norton antivirus is the best antivirus in the market these days. But best doesn’t mean perfect. Sometimes while updating the antivirus in your computer system, you might be suffering from different errors be ready to face these errors. Below we mentioned about different types of error by which you can quickly resolve the errors by saving your much time and efforts.

How to fix Norton Antivirus Blocking System Restore Error in Windows 10?

Thee are many others factors of blocking of Norton antivirus system in windows 10. But to find the best solution is necessary to solve the error by saving our time and efforts. Follow some of the steps given below; we try to provide you with a different method for your best solution. Use the methods one by one until you get your error resolve.

Method-1  Uninstall and reinstall the Norton Antivirus system

Sometimes, these types of error occurred because the antivirus you want to upgrade to your computer does not install correctly or incomplete downloading can also occur an error. We provide you with some steps to uninstall and reinstall the Norton antivirus.

Step-1  Open the “Programs and Features” of Norton account by clicking on the “Start” button.

Step-2  Click on the “Control Panel” on the right side of the Norton account “Menu”.

Step-3  Click on the “Programs”.

Step-4  Then, Click on the “Programs and Features”.

Step-5  Click on the Norton AntiVirus-associated entry.

Step-6  Click on the “Uninstall” button on the top of the menu.

Step-7 Again, “Reinstall” the program according to the Symantec instructions.

Try this method if you are still cant fixes the Norton Antivirus blocking system restore on windows 10 then try other methods described below-

Method-2  Locate your computer system in a clean boot mode

Performing a clean boot in your computer system reduces errors related to software that can bring up the causes of the problem. These types of conflicts can be caused by applications and services that might be start up and run in the background whenever you start Windows usually.

To provide you with some steps for successful retore of antivirus in Windows 10 only by performing the clean boot, you can resolve the error. For restoring the antivirus, you have to follow the steps. The given steps are only supported when the users can by logging into their administrator account.

How to clean boot your system?

Step-1 Go to the “Search box” button on your computer.

Step-2 Type the word “msconfig”.

Step-3 Select the System “Configuration” button.

Step-4 Find the word “Service Tab”.

Step-5 Select the button “Hide all Microsoft services” box.

Step-6 Click on the “Disable all” button.

Step-7 Go to the “Startup” button.

Step-8 Click on the “Open Task Manager” button.

Step-9 Lose the Task manager then click on the “Ok” button.

Step-10 Click on the “Reboot” button on your computer.

Your system will be successfully cleaned by following the clean boot procedure on your computer system. After completing the process, once you have to check that you can perform the system restore successfully. Does any of the method help you out? If not then the last option to resolve the error is connected with the Norton customer support. Norton customer support available 24*7 to help you with every query related to Norton product. Dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support for quick assistance.

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