How to Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 0x80045001?

Norton is the leading name in the market for providing best antivirus security software to their users. It helps in securing against the malware infections and viruses attacks. This antivirus security software scrutinizes the Internet and controls the software to remain your system safe and secure from viruses. Norton offers their users best services and enhanced features.

But sometimes, the error might occur during the time you use the Norton antivirus. Due to the Error 0x80045001 Norton does not open or install in the system, and an Error 0x80045001 message appear on the screen. This Error 0x80045001 is one of the common error occurs during the time of installation.

Errors might be occurred due to many reasons. and there is a number of causes of the Error 0x80045001. Some of the most common error has been described below only too aware users of these causes.

Causes of Norton Antivirus Error code 0x80045001

Some of the common causes of Norton Error Code 0x80045001 are mentioned below-

  • The window active program crashes consistently.
  • The system regularly collapses the window, while running the same program with the error 0x80045001.
  • The windows are responding slow and run leisurely.
  • The Computer system might be freeze for few minutes.
  • The Error exec_finished message appears on the screen
  • The keyboard and mouse input data might not work properly.

The abovementioned causes are the common causes which can arise frequently while using the Norton Antivirus so keep your eye on track to find out when and where this error occurs so that you can easily troubleshoot the problem by saving your time and efforts.

Procedure to Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 0x80045001

Below we mentioned the list which helps you in troubleshoot the problem. This process is very less time-consuming and easy to follow. But always follow the procedure in ascending order to avoid the errors or issues. The steps are given below-

Step-1: Start the system and “log on” to ‘Administrator” account of the Norton antivirus.

Step-2: Click on the “Start” button to continue.

Step-3: Select and click on the “All Programs, Accessories” option.

Step-4: Then, click on the “System Restore” option to restore data.

Step-5:  In the new window or tab of your browser, select and click on the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option.

Step-6: Then,  click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step-7:  Select the “Restore point from the “On this list option.

Step-8: Then click on the “Restore Point list” option.

Step-9: On the confirmation window option, click on the “Next” button.

Step-10: After the completion of the restoration process, “Restarts’ the system.

After restarting the system, the Norton Error 0x80045001 was successfully removed from your system and the error will solve automatically. But if the abovementioned steps do not work then you have an option to contact the Norton customer support. The technicians of McAfee are certified experts, and available24*7 to help you and assist you in your every issue related to Norton antivirus. For the quick assistance, dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support.

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