How to Print Wirelessly From iOS Devices With AirPrint?

Some people predict that printers will die out in near future. Some go on about their abhorrence for hard copies. However, if you work remotely or are a student or a teacher, then printer still plays a vital role in your life. But, people are not always hooked to their computer systems whenever they have to print anything. If you are an Apple user, and have an iOS device such as iPhone, then you can just print wirelessly with AirPrint. AirPrint is incredibly easy to setup and use. Follow the steps given below to print wirelessly from iPhone or iPad.

  1. In order to use AirPrint, you first need to ascertain whether the printer model is compatible with it. If your printer does not support wireless network, then it will not be compatible with AirPrint.
  2. Now, you need to connect the printer to a wireless network. Connect your iOS device to the same wireless network as well.
  3. Launch an application on the iOS device which allows AirPrint. A majority of applications, which are concerned with text and picture, support printing. You can use Pages, Google Drive, Photos, etc.
  4. After opening the relevant application, launch the document, picture, etc. you wish to print. Tap on the item that has to be printed.
  5. Now, just locate an option which is in the shape of a square with an upwards arrow protruding from it. Tap on it, and the Share tab will launch. However, if you want to print from the Mail application, and then go to Reply and then you can find the Print button.
  6. In the Share Page, you will see a list of options. Browse the menu and locate the Print button. It will be next to Copy. If you cannot find an option for printing, then it means that the application does not allow printing.
  7. In the Printer Options page, go to Select Printer option next to Printer. From the list, select the printer. All the AirPrint-compatible printers which are connected to the wireless networks will show.
  8. If you cannot see your printer in the list, then resolve the issue. There may be a number of factors behind the problem. Do the following:
  • Check whether the printer is switched on and also ensure that the iOS device and printer are connected to a particular network.
  • Check if the printer supports AirPrint.
  • After switching the printer on, wait for a while for it to show.
  1. Try to switch the printer off and wait for a while before powering it on.
  2. Just select the printing options. Choose the number of copies you want by tapping on the + or – sign.
  3. At last, in the Printer options screen, click on the Print button. It will be located at the top right side of the screen.

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