How to Set Bing Wallpaper in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Bing search engine might compete with Google search giant, but it is not plain and boring with skin. Most of the people love to browse on Google, yet Bing looks more attractive with its beautiful and mesmerizing background wallpaper. People have expressed their desires to have daily background wallpaper in their system. Well, there is good news for those who love the background of Bing homepage and want to keep it as the wallpaper in their system. With a little workaround, you can also get those beautiful Bing background.


Dynamic Theme is a free application that Microsoft is offering in Windows 10 which will help you to keep the images in your system. The installation is safe and doesn’t even change the settings on your computer. It is fantastic to see Microsoft is fulfilling its users’ desires to download the most amazing images. All you have to do is that install the Dynamic Theme from Microsoft Store and install it in your system. Now, let’s begin with the steps to set Bing Wallpaper in Windows 10.

How to set Bing wallpaper in Windows 10

  1.    As mentioned above, download the application.
  2.    Now launch the app.
  3.    The left side of the panel there are various options given.
  4.    Click Background.
  5.    In the main panel, click to open the drop-down button beneath Background.
  6.    Select Bing from the menu.
  7.    If you select Windows Spotlight, you will get the image on Windows 10 lock screen.
  8.    All of the features are disabled, but you can choose all of them as well.
  9.    Click Update to confirm.

You can also set the images as your background rather than downloading.

Go through the back-catalog of Daily Bing

  1.    Click Show History
  2.    At the bottom of the window pane, click the left arrow to scroll through the images.
  3.    Right-click on an image and click Set as background.
  4.    In the application, click Daily Bing Image.
  5.    You can autosave the image on your computer.
  6.    Go to Autosave and turn the toggle button on.
  7.    If you want to sync the Windows colors with the background, go to Desktop.
  8.    Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.
  9.    In the window, select Colors.
  10.    Check Automatically pick an accent color from my background box.

Now, you have enabled the whole system to set an image in the background, every day. Your desktop will look more beautiful and attractive. Thanks to Microsoft for developing the Dynamic Theme application to get the images from Bing and Microsoft Spotlight.

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