July 17, 2018

norton.com/nu16 – Norton Utilities NU16 – www.norton.com/nu16

Norton.com/NU16 – Norton Utilities provide the tools to fix basic issues as well as technical errors, release memory by eradicating junk files and data to help the device to speed up startup time and boosting computer efficiency and performance. This is the software application that helps in keeping the machine error-free so that it can perform efficiently because it allows you to delete and remove unwanted and junk data so that it doesn’t consume the memory space as well conflict with the other applications.

Norton Utilities search out all of the duplicate and infected files scattered across your device’s hard drive, then remove them to free up disk space to let you store more of your digital stuff.Norton Utilities can be said a complete set of tools that not only troubleshoot basic errors and issues of your computer, but also clean up the unwanted files, maintain online privacy, and help inn recover and retrieve deleted or damaged files.

Symantec has developed Norton Utilities software program that can be proved really handy when it comes to providing security and speed to your computer. To get Norton utilities on your device and boot the PC, you need to complete the registration process. Once you install it successfully, you can launch it at various scheduled times whatever task you have scheduled because scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler.It is a light weight application and its main executable is nu.exe and utilizes about 36.84 MB of memory, means it consumes about an average CPU of less than one percent.

The setup package installs about 30 files which take about 80.89 MB (84,814,470 bytes). It checks the available software updates and notify about them so that you can apply them because its installed file Update.exe is the auto-update component of the software that is designed to do so. It is a very useful application for Windows users and its latest Version NU16 helps in troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems. It boosts up multiple processes running on the machine, and frees up disk space automatically after the task is finished.

Norton Utilities NU16 includes various advanced tools like Norton speed disk, Application Uninstaller, Norton.com/Setup UnErase, Norton disk doctor, Startup Manager, Service Manager, Registry Restore, Registry Cleaner, Performance Test & Smart Updates, System Optimizer, System Dashboard, Registry Defragmenter, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleaner, and Restore Center. It also has a Process Viewer that includes exciting features like System Dashboard, Windows 8 Compatibility,Application Uninstaller, and Duplicate File Finder.

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