August 9, 2019 – Download, Install and Activate Norton Setup

We are living in the age where everyone is connected to everyone. The world has shrunk to a smaller place, and a very sizeable percentage of the world population is connected to the magic of the internet. With one click, we can communicate with someone living in a completely different time zone. However, this greater degree of connectivity also brings vulnerability. Every single day we read about how cyber security is rising to become an up and coming threat. No matter how hard the authorities try to make the internet a safe space, there is always some malicious entity lurking around to watch someone miss a step and exploit their defenselessness. Thus, the only way to protect devices from such an attack is to beef up the security at your personal level.

Norton has grown to become a reputable and trusted brand offering internet security. The products rolled out by Norton are not just limited to Personal Computers but also extend out to Mobile Phones, Laptops, and any device that has the capacity to connect to the internet. The company has a vast database of viruses, which keeps getting updated periodically. It can protect you from phishing attacks, malware, virus, Trojan horse, and so much more! Hence, purchasing a copy of Norton Antivirus is a wise investment.

Download and Install Norton Antivirus Setup on Windows

If you have a Windows desktop or laptop computer, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Sign into your Norton account at
  2. Enter your login details and click on Sign in.
  3. If you do not have a Norton account, you may have to create it by completing the sign up procedure.
  4. In the homepage or, locate the “Norton Setup” tab and click on “Download Norton.”
  5. If you have bought a copy of the Antivirus and have been given a product key, enter the product key after clicking the “Enter a New Product Key” button.
  6. Once the Product Key has been validated, click on “Agree & Download” to begin the download.
  7.  If you have subscribed to more than one services, select “Load More” to see a list of Norton products, click on the one that you wish to install and click “Next.”
  8. Your Download will begin automatically.
  9. Locate the downloaded file on your local disk and run the file to begin the installation.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Download and Install Norton Antivirus Setup on Mac

iOS already has a reputation for being a fortress, but that does not mean that it cannot be susceptible to attacks. Hence, if you wish to install Norton on your Mac device, follow the steps given below:

1.    Uninstall any previous version of Norton Antivirus that may be installed on your system.

2.    Log into your Norton account at If this is the first time you are logging into your Norton Account (after making the purchase), you will receive a prompt asking you whether you wish to install Norton on the current device or another device.

3.    Click on the appropriate option and select “Agree & Download” to start the automatic download. Save the installation file on your local disk.

4.    Run the setup and follow the on-screen guidelines to install Norton on your Mac device. The product will be automatically activated.

Download and Install Norton Antivirus on your Phone

Most of the attacks are now shifting from attacking personal computers and laptops to affecting mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to install Norton Antivirus on your phone. Here’s how you can do it:

1.    Launch your Store (Play Store for Android) and search for Norton Security and Antivirus. You may go to

2.    Select the Norton app from “NortonMobile” to download the official version.

3.    Click on the “Install” button and then accept the access requests to install the app.

4.    Once the application is downloaded and installed, open the app. Read all the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, accept and Continue.

5.    Sign into your Norton account from the top-right hamburger sign.

6.    Log in your Norton account credentials and sign in. You are required to have an active subscription to run a licensed copy of Norton on your mobile. If you do not have the same, activate it using a product key.

Activate Norton Antivirus

If the Norton security software does not get activated automatically, here is what you need to do:

  1. From the Windows system tray, locate the Norton icon and click on it.
  2. Now, click on the Activate button.
  3. Key in the 25 characters alpha-numeric product activation key.
  4. Press the Enter key.
  5. Approve all the conditions if prompted.
  6. Norton antivirus has been successfully activated.

With these simple steps, you can be covered by a layer of protection that will ward off any cyber threats.