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The best way to avoid infections is to practice sound judgment, though that does not imply that people should not get security tools. Safe browsing practices are very important for security. If one does not visit suspicious websites, downloads stuff from fishy sites and clicks on links before verifying the authenticity of the sender, then they are at less risk.  

Several individuals believe that they can only get infected by downloading shady stuff, clicking on spam emails, browsing malicious websites, and doing other reckless stuff such as enabling the Java plug-in the internet browser. It is correct – this is how maximum devices get compromised. However, this is not the only way infections can spread.

Viruses can enter the device by merely browsing the internet. Even if the user only goes to reliable sites, the site itself might be infected – something that occurs at an alarming rate at present. Therefore, to fight with these cyber dangers, one needs a robust antivirus solution in addition to common sense.

Norton Security

Not very long ago, Norton security software manufactured by Symantec had one of the most diverse ranges of security products– antivirus consisted of Norton 360, Norton 360 Multiple Device, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. Attempting to choose which software was the soundest for you — in addition to the most affordable one– was no cake walk.

Norton Products

However, things have changed now. Symantec manufactures just Norton Security, which is an advanced and sophisticated antivirus.  People who not only want to secure various devices but also want to secure an array of Windows tools should definitely go for Norton Security. Norton Security Deluxe offers protection for a maximum of five devices. These devices could be running Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS. Norton Security Standard offers protection for one device. You can protect your Windows computer or OS X running system. Norton Security Premium consists of 25GB storage space, family safety features, and protection for a maximum of ten devices.

Norton for Windows

Norton Security for Windows not only offers protection but it also has other features. It boosts the speed of the Windows PC with the help of startup manager. It makes more space and clears out junk with disk optimizer and file cleanup. The UI is pretty decent and easy to navigate. All the tools and features can be navigated easily. Users can see their device’s security status. A comprehensive list of history is also present. It includes previous installations, scanning times, past malware detections, PC cleanup details, and more.

Norton Studio Windows 8

If you have Windows 8 then you can install Norton Studio Windows 8 application. This application shows the security status of all the devices which have Norton Security. It reveals a snap of the latest Norton action on every device, consisting of the outcomes of system scans, any virus detected, malicious websites found and barred.

Norton for OS X

If you want to secure your Mac device, then Norton Security is your safest bet. Norton Security offers effective and adequate protection for Mac. Its user interface is a bit similar to its Windows version. You can check your device status, monitor your activity, conduct full or partial scans, and more. With Norton on your Mac, you will be alerted about risky stuff before you download it. Its critically acclaimed technology is very advanced and sophisticated. It blocks all infected sites and also cleans the hard drive.

Norton for Android

 Android application of Norton is excellent. It gives a complete set of security, such as anti-virus, theft protection, secure backup, protection against phishing and an App Advisor which examines the downloaded applications for possible problems. Icons depict a section; go to any icon to apply it or get more information regarding it.

The App Advisor is very helpful. It examines all of the applications and searches for possible problems, such as if they are spam or will possibly attack the device. Go to the name of any application and it will display added details, like “collects personal account details.” In that window, users can remove the application or direct Norton that the application is reliable.

Norton For iOS

Norton Mobile Security offers stalwart, active security for iOS devices against data theft and loss. It has a remote locate tool which allows the users to find their lost devices. Its user interface is good. You can use it easily and access all the tools.

Norton Antivirus Setup

Norton Setup Download and Install

To use Norton product, you first need to download the setup. Go to to download the setup file. If you have an installation disk then you do not have to download from the web. Install and run the downloaded Norton setup file.

Norton Activation With Product Key If you have bought a Norton product or availed a service from the online website or a retail store then you would be having a 25 character alphanumeric product key/code. Use this product activation code to activate your Norton product. Go to You can activate your product key from there.

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