Recover Forgotten Restriction Passcode on iPhone

A passcode is an essential thing for a mobile phone to keep it safe. There are people willing to gather anyone’s information and subsequently use it in an unwelcoming way. But, sometimes a situation arises when we don’t remember the passcode of our device. Most of the iPhone users have reported that they forgot their restriction Passcode and cannot remember it. If you are using an iPhone and you forgot the passcode then don’t rush to reset your phone device.

Recover Forgotten Restriction Passcode on iPhone

You can recover the restriction passcode, and it does not require resetting the iPhone. Apple Corporation is a tech giant, which is giving an option through which you can quickly recover your restriction passcode. It is an essential feature that enhances the parental control and allows the user to keep an eye on the young users. Forgetting the code could be disadvantageous, but there are several methods to recover the Passcode.

  1.    Resetting the Passcode

  • Go to General section in Settings app of your iPhone.
  • Tap Restrictions, and it will ask you enter the Passcode.
  • Now you can tap Disable Restriction so that you can type a new
  • Now go to Enable Restrictions to type a new Passcode.
  • Re-enter the Restriction Passcode and ensure you can keep remembering it.
  1.    Resetting the Passcode through iTunes

  • First, you need to back up all the data in your iPhone to iTunes on your system.
  • You must disable Find My iPhone in your device.
  • Do not go for erasing the data from your phone as you will need your Apple ID in the process.
  • Connect the iPhone with your computer through USB
  • In iTunes, go to Summary in the left pane.
  • Click Restore iPhone in the central panel.
  • Now, an Update Window will appear on the screen.
  • Select Agree and wait until the downloading gets complete in iTune.
  • Now, you can access the phone even if you don’t remember the restriction Passcode.

There are more solutions through which you can recover the passcode, but you will need to download the application from the internet in your computer system. The process might lead you to lose essential data to prevent it; you must create a backup of your iPhone data. Before downloading any applications, try to follow the steps mentioned above, and if it doesn’t work out, you should contact the manufacturer of your device.

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