Symantec Develops a Tool to Combat VPNFilter

Malware has accelerated with the release of a free check-up tool; it’s a clean-up efforts to respond to the VPNFilter.

Though utility from the Symantec will only appear to see that the traffic has been influenced, rather than confirming an infection and the third-party experts have nevertheless received its release.

In May, the VPN filter is discovered by the security researchers at Cisco Talos and is also estimated to have hijacked almost half a million of the IoT devices like routers and some other network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Therefore, malware is always proficient in infecting the home routers and also the enterprises, snooping on encrypted web traffic, and establishing a backdoor on the compromised devices which allow them to to be controlled remotely. How accurately the malicious gets onto the devices, its only depends on the model and firmware: it is believed to exploit some known vulnerabilities in the gadgets’ firmware, and also in the weak security settings, such as the remote administration features which are left open to the internet.

However, the VPN filter installs a plug-in which monitors and modifies the web traffic which is sent through the infected router and also allowing the cybercriminals to inject some malicious content, render routers inoperable, or sometimes steal passwords and also some other sensitive user information.  Thus, the botnet presents a clear and also present danger to the internet hygiene since it might easily be revolved into an influential DDoS tool.

Mirai is another IoT botnet that was very disreputably abused to take out the DNS service Dyn in an attack and also left many high-profile websites unreachable in October 2016.

Symantec also has developed a VPN filter Check; it is a free online tool to help the individuals and also to help the organizations rapidly and also determine that if any router might have been compromised by the VPN filter malware.

Precisely, VPNFilter Check determines that if traffic into moreover a corporate network or home is being modified by an infected router.

Stephen Trilling, a senior vice president and general manager, security analytics and research, Symantec said that malware is unlike the most other IoT threats as it is capable of maintaining a constant presence on infected devices, even after a reboot. Symantec’s online VPNFilter Check tool offers the organizations and individuals always an easy way to choose if their routers have been compromised by these threats or not, and also recommend few steps that they can take if they get infected.

The online VPN filter tool would detect that the VPN filter is muddling with a connection without providing the confirmation that whether or not any IoT device is infected.

Bontchev also stated that it would not even detect the VPN filter in the router, but it will only detect if something is muddling directly with the HTTPS connection.

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